Friday, 6 March 2009

Not another post...

Yes like it or not LOL

I took a scary step today. I opened a business account with ..... a credit card! Ahhhh, I've never had a credit card before so I think everyone around me will be a little scared. It is however for business use only. I'm not about to go out and buy shoes and handbags with it (although that would be great)It will allow me to pay for the stalls at the Artsmix Arts Markets. I knew that there would be several points when I would have to take risks and this was the first so fingers crossed.

Well I've been collating my receipts and getting organised so now I must start keeping a track of everything I sell as I registered as self employed with the Inland revenue today too. I also need to do a stock take and evaluate my assets (sounds pervy LOL)

I'm at Holmfirth Craft Market tomorrow and I'm hoping it will be a better turn out than last time. I hope that the 10,000 fliers they sent out early this week have made a difference and I hope that the weather is as lovely and sunny as it is today.

Right, I'm off to Posters Anonymous


karisma said...

LOL! No don't do it, we are enjoying your posting too much!

-Ana- said...

You are very smart to have stayed away from credit cards. I got my first one at 18 & it was all over then...but I say a business credit card is a good risk. I'm sure it will pay off, you're selling great jewelry!

ChatElaine said...

You have been very brave, I'm still trying to set up my Etsy store and as for craft markets/fairs they dont exist around this neck of the woods. Come visit my blog to collect your AWARD!!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Careful with that credit card. They can be dangerous.

Fun blog!

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