Sunday, 15 August 2010

A rather long hiatus

Wow what a few months, I have been neglecting you haven't I?

It's been crazy and my head has not been in the right state for blogging. I've not been very focussed on my work at all and although I am still suffering from sheadheaditus I'm am forcefully pulling my finger out.

So what's been going on then? Well, not much really although we do have a new addition to our family, well six actually! We adopted a stray kitty that had been living in my mums garden, she was so sweet and friendly and I couldn't resist taking her in. She was also heavily pregnant and I couldn't let her give birth outdoors and risk the fox getting the babies so we took her in and a week later out came six balls of fur.
Sadly one of the kitties wasn't feeding properly and died a couple of days later but the other five are doing well. They are three weeks old now and so cute, the can't quite get out of the box yet but I can tell that they will be trouble once they can. We are going to keep kira, the mummy and one of the kittens and find good homes for the rest.

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