Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Economy's gift

How cool is it that the recession officially ended in the UK today? What's even better is that today is my birthday. What a nice present to receive!

I'm 28 today and I think I'm going to enjoy it. Firstly I don't like odd numbers, I always look forward to my next even number. Not sure that will be the case when I'm 29 though!

Secondly 2010 is officially my year! I have a good feeling about it. I received an order of silver wire today. I have lots of beautiful gems pearls and crystals but no wire so I haven't been able to make! then once I have made lots of lovely new pieces I can photograph them and add them to Etsy and Coriandr. I've never really given my shops the TLC they deserve. I've never spent enough time doing online marketing but now i have this beautiful Laptop I can.

Thirdly, my first Craft fair is less than two weeks away and I am so excited about that. Organising it hasn't been as easy as I hoped. Last week we had to change the venue as the local council were being very obstructive. I had to practically beg the market department to give us permission to hold the thing and then when they finally relented the charge for a license to hold it was so extortionate that we would have made a large loss. Our stall fees are low because I want to provide sellers with a great venue that wont break the bank. I was paying £50+ per stall before Christmas and making a loss. I'm happier with the new venue at www.thewhitcliffehotel.co.uk It's a lovely hotel, I got married there!

Well I have a half made amethyst and pearl bracelet that isn't going to finish it's self so I best be off.

If you are a seller and interested in holding a stall please email me at apriljaneellis@yahoo.co.uk


rachellucie said...

hello! You've covered a lot here!

Happy New Year, Happy even-year Birthday (I'm 38 on the 6th Feb, I have a thing about odd numbers too...), Happy End of Recession, good luck with the fair and can't wait to see the new designs.

phew! xx

April Ellis said...

Phew indeed.

I m obsessed with symmetry. The problem is I love it but can't spell it!


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