Saturday, 8 August 2009

Not many people who visit my stalls ask me what my favourite colour is for two reasons
  1. It would be an unusual question to ask some random girl at a stall

  2. At least of half of everything on my stall is turquoise.

Black Agate, Turquoise and Sterling Silver.

Okay so half is a big ole exaggeration but I am really drawn to the colour and it always takes centre stage on the stalls. Thanks to my dad, centre stage is much more impressive than it used to be as he very kindly made me some shiny black shelves to raise my display busts at the back. I'm putting my recent success down to my improved displays. Even in the good old British summer rain at Castle Howard a few weeks ago I still managed a healthy profit.

Black Agate, Turquoise and Sterling silver, again!

I'm still no David Bailey but I do believe my photography (ahem) skills are improving. I'm using slightly more rustic backgrounds rather than aiming for the nigh on impossible perfect white.

Chrysocola, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver.

I'm still really crap at keeping up to my blog, (obviously) twitter and facebook etc but .......

Chrysocola, Black Agate and Sterling silver.

James and I have just had almost two weeks off work and it's been great. I'm dreading going back on Monday like you wouldn't believe which in the short term is a bad thing but it's spurring me on. I guess that's why I'm here tonight, finally motivated. I must come on here more, I actually love blogging it's just that I feel so guilty spending all this time upstairs and totally abandoning James. It's fine on a Saturday but on a week night you get home, cook dinner, eat dinner, load the dishwasher, spend a couple of hours online doing all the things that you "should" be doing and before you know it it's bed time and that's your evening done! Once I get my laptop I can do all those things downstairs in the living room not up here in the spare (junk) room

That being said I'm going to try to make sure I get on every other day to blog and tweet. I have to go online everyday anyway to check my emails and etsy so I should just spend ten minutes saying hi.

Smokey Quartz, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver

We have had a great couple of weeks actually, we spent four days at the seaside on the Yorkshire coast. I always say I'd love to live in the US, Canada or Australia but you know, the UK is a really beautiful place especially Flamborough.

August in England!

Oh and more beach huts!


Kalicat said...

beautiful pictures of British beach
lovely colours, the cabin is amazing

karisma said...

Loving those crystals! Great work! Glad things are looking up for you. Hugs and smoochies xxxoooo mama xxoxox

Jenn said...

I love the stunning black and turquoise slabs at the job. That's design that stands out and a great eye-catcher

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